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Hot Sale Ascorbic Acid /Vitamin C

  • 100Mesh 325mesh

Hot sale Ascorbic acid /Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid 100Mesh/325Mesh;Sodium ascorbate;Calcium ascorbate,Ascorbic acid

Product Nameascorbic acid (also known as vitamin C)

Descriptionascorbic acid is a kind of products produced by bio-fermentation process, which belongs to antioxidant and nutrition enhancer food additive.

Packing25kg net content, packaging for the carton, paper bag or paper drum.

Main raw materialssorbitol

Physical and chemical propertieswhite or slightly yellow crystalline or crystalline powder: odorless, taste acid; long time to change the color gradient yellow; aqueous solution was acidic reaction. The melting point of the product is 190 ~ 192 ℃, melting at the same time decomposition. This product is soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in chloroform, ether.

Applicationconcentrated fruit and vegetable juice (pulp), flavor fermented milk, pickled vegetables, convenient rice products, frozen rice products, prefabricated meat products, frozen aquatic products and their products, sauce and sauce products, compound seasonings, Jelly and so on.

StorageProducts should be stored in a dark, dry place, to prevent moisture, heat, not with toxic, harmful and corrosive substances such as mixed.

Ascorbic acid vitamin CAscorbic acid Vitamin C


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